Eki Digital Technology is the right balance for your Business.

Eki Digital Technology (E.D.T.) offers comprehensive solutions for businesses by leveraging our multi-technology innovations, integrations, and creations to drive revenue growth and enhance customer satisfaction. Our advanced digital tools and services are designed to reduce running costs and expenses for our clients, which in turn increases their sales and patronage.

We understand that every business has unique needs, and that’s why we provide the right technology solutions that balance the features of your business. Our approach to digital innovation combines the best of both worlds – cutting-edge technology and user-centric design – to create value and convenience for our customers, while delivering tangible benefits to your business. Let Eki Digital Technology help take your business to the next level with our state-of-the-art digital solutions.

We specialize in helping our clients effectively manage their businesses both now and in the future by combining our extensive business knowledge with an understanding of how technology can impact different industries and business models. Our cutting-edge technology solutions are designed to increase revenue, streamline operations, and ensure that guests keep coming back to your business. Through our innovative technology re-engineering and synchronous information integration, we enable our clients to unlock new sources of value and achieve sustainable growth.

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Introducing the Eki Co-net Smart Card: Revolutionizing Business Efficiency. Elevate your business operations and empower your employees with our innovative Eki Co-net Smart Card, designed to streamline tasks and enhance networking. From seamless access to office premises to cashless transactions and secure data sharing, our smart card is the ultimate tool for modern business owners and corporate workers. Say goodbye to traditional processes and welcome a new era of convenience and connectivity. Register to get yours.


Take advantage of the extensive best in class Touch technology, processes built to suite each Industry. Choose from industry specific solutions for small, mid size and Big businesses-and get the tools you need to excel in your fields.



Our Technology is designed for Hospitality service providers from the ground up. And whatever the exact requirements of your own business, we’ve got you covered.

Reduce queues, delight your customers, and increase average order sizes by bringing SO-tech to your Dine in Business

We provides a range of services tailor-made for restaurants, Bar, Hotels, Lounge’s, Beach etc. 

Tech. for Grocery Store

We work with leading grocery retail brands to build and manage their online E-commerce sales platform. We help clients to set-up their digital presence and guard them through the management phase. And Eki Digital Technology out of the-box solution means your business can be supporting online quickly and easily

EDT is the perfect way to get your store online fast.


We’re more than just state of the art technology and Digital Company. Our marketing engine also helps you grow your brand, and our customer marketing teams are always there where you need them.

Application & Design

We build Technology tailored for your business that drives conversion and revenues. From our foundation, we develop solutions to meet the needs of multiple markets. Therefore, we are able to tailor solutions and quickly deploy anywhere.

Service & Support

Not just software. Our team is ready to help you succeed in the long-term. At EKI DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY we're about building great businesses and make them great. We work with every one of our customers to deliver success: whatever it takes.

They All Love Our Digital Solution

"Most amazing I ever had!!"
-Taste Nice Foods
"Best solution there is!!"o
- Heevsbites Food
"The Solution helped my company."
- Pottersville Music
Thank you so much for choosing us
- Eki Farm Store

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Not just software. Our team is ready to help you succeed in the long-term.

At Eki Digital Multipurpose Coy. Ltd. we’re about building great technology to help your businesses, not selling software. We work with every one of our customers to deliver success: whatever it takes.

Our customer success team works tirelessly to help Eki Digital technology customers innovate and excel, and our Managed Marketing team brings new customers to your door.