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About Us.


Eki Digital Technology provides the most complete Hospitality Technology solutions portfolio for a contactless Digital Guest Journey. All solutions are built in-house allowing highly integrated and competitive offers. 

Our technology solutions serve  worldwide  in Hotels, Lounge, Restaurant, Bars, Bank ETC. 

We bring hospitality technology to other markets such as Outdoor, Apartments, Co-living, Healthcare, Maritime and other Sport and Leisure facilities.

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Our Vision

To continue providing outstanding Technology Services to our continent and be their most trusted Friend passionate about supporting them achieve their organization goals by Providing the best Digital Solution.

Principles underlying our approach to service delivery

Providing the best digital solution

Engagement; We work for you during the inception phase of any client assignment, we will work with nominated client representatives to review the requirements and agree on the in-scope and out-scope. We maintain this level of flexibility throughout the course of the engagement, mindful of the need to maintain a clear result focus, within the constraints of the commercial terms and agreed timelines of our contract agreement.

Combined Team of Experts: We deploy local experts, supported by other business development executives, who will bring the experience and knowledge you would expect from good managers to steer the delivery of client requirements. They work closely with the client representatives.

Knowledge Sharing and Transfer: The ultimate success of any engagement we have with clients also lies in building the long-term capacity of the local people, processes and systems that will drive the successful implementation of other strategic objectives of the client.

The Big Picture: Our team are always mindful that clients requirements are part of a broader vision for their organization, and therefore work with their hands, listen with their hearts, and think with their heads.

Results Focus: All our actions are guided by a strong sense of our mission and commitment to assisting Clients in their efforts to deliver on their objectives.

Our Core Values




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We ensure high level of performance to secure excellent result.

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We are honest, trustworthy both in our work and out of work

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We all carry one unified idea and consequently we work jointly to reach that goal.




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We constantly improve our services and create more modern service options to meet constantly growing need of our Customers.

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We strive to have an excellent quality in our work which is the main competitive advantage of the Company

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Our Customers are in the core line of our activity and everything we do is aimed at the disclosure and satisfaction of their needs.


Respect for human dignity

Social responsibility & Community support

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